PC-based instruments

EZ-IBI Interbeat Interval Monitor

Connect three standard ECG electrodes from your subject to this hand-held, 9V battery-powered module and you'll be able to measure cardiac interbeat interval (IBI) with millisecond accuracy. The EZ-IBI features 1000-Hz ECG sampling rate, low-noise Fetrode™ signal conditioning, 12-bit A-to-D with R-wave timing, and a USB link to your PC that provides safe subject isolation. Easy-to-use Windows™ software to display and print your data is included.

SC-2000 Simple Scopes™

The SC2000 Simple Scopes™ are compact signal-display instruments with either one or two channels of user-specified input signal conditioning. Available input signals include respiration, force, displacement, pressure, PPG, pulse, temperature and more. Eight selectable sample rates, 0.5 to 100 Hz, are typical. A front-panel signal-size control is provided for many channels. Built-in A-to-D capability feeding a graphics LCD display provides a direct indication of input activity.

Gain and frequency response are built to your requirements. BNC outputs can be added to send your data to another instrument. Alternatively, an isolated USB output port can be included to connect to a PC running UFI's Simple Software for data display and recording. Power is supplied by your choice of a 9V battery or a wall-mount transformer.

SRS2004/d Four-Channel Data Recording System

The Model SRS2004/d is a compact and versatile four-channel, 12-bit data recording system. Signal conditioning is patterned after that used in traditional paper chart recorders, with sampling rates ranging from 0.5 to 100 Hz. Built-in LCD display makes viewing signal conditioner output easy even before you connect your PC, where "Simple Software" plots either one or all four channels of data. Output data are available in ASCII text format as well, allowing easy analysis by a variety of third-party software packages. Power is supplied by either a standard 9V battery or wall-mount transformer.

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