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TBYC-100 -- $95 (plus shipping)

If your computer is using a wired internet connection, the TBYC-100 will give you the ability to easily turn your internet connection on and off. We make no other warranties, express or implied, beyond this simple functionality!

All the order mumbo-jumbo is at the bottom of this page, but you might want to read about what the TBYC-100 is and what it does first.

What in the world...

Have you ever had this happen? You are humming along on your computer, either rapidly typing in your latest inspiration, or entering the code for that amazingly compact and efficient algorithm you woke up screaming about, or maybe brushing the final touch of the perfect hue on your artistry, or hundreds are watching your presentation program as you talk. Without warning, everything stops, nothing moves, and, no matter what you try, your computer is "unresponsive" (bricked). If you are lucky, you may get your computer back in seconds, or less than a minute, anyway. Sometimes, your operating system may keep your computer for a while, as your creativity and patience rapidly fades, and your irritation (maybe embarrassment) quickly mounts. Computers are supposed to be used, and a computer you can't use, especially when you need it, well that computer is useless.

In our humble, and admittedly limited experience, stopping the internet connection can often help you get your computer back, maybe allowing you to at least finish what you are doing, and save your work. We don't want to get into a shouting match with operating system providers. They evidently don't see the problem anyway. It used to be that, if the above scenario popped up, you could suspect a virus, and turning the internet off would quickly help. But now it seems like more and more, the operating system won't hesitate to do it's own thing even in the middle of what you are doing.

In our view, the internet connection is a privilege for the computer, not a right. We think operating systems should respect that. Right now, they don't seem to, and so it might be helpful if some means is available to be able to turn the internet connection off, even if just for a little while, maybe long enough for you to finish and save, to salvage your hard work, and maybe your sanity.

Still, this last scenario is where we found ourselves, especially as the latest and greatest version of the operating system was all but forced...

Our solution? Take a standard multi-port internet connection switch (router), add a toggle type power switch to the case... The TBYC-100 was born! The internet cable goes into one of the router/switch ports, another port gets connected to the internet connection port on your computer through a shorter internet cable. The internet connection can be turned off just by turning the power for the multi-port internet switch/router off. This is a lot simpler. And some switch/routers actually have power switches already built-in, on the back panel. Overall, this solution works well for us, and we usually get our computer back in a minute or less.

Yes, I just sighed. We need to include a bunch of "gotcha's" for this approach. It is not a panacea (cure-all), and we do not claim to know all there is to know about internet use by the operating system. This has just helped us. Still, keep the following in mind.

We know this is not Physiometry, but this little gadget has helped us. A number of our systems include PC software, so maybe this can help other folks too. And by the way, our experience is only with the PC operating system.

You don't have to use our gizmo! If your computer has a wired internet connection, see if you can track down a multi-port switch/router with a power switch, and give it a try. But if you want, we will sell you a modified switch/router with a power switch added; the TBYC-100. We will purchase the multi-port router (which will look different than the older model in the picture above), then we will add the power switch, and test it out before we ship it to you.

We use our TBYC a lot. Like just a few minutes ago, we were trying to send an email. The mouse pointer stopped moving -- bad sign. We turned our internet off (turned power off on our TBYC), and then waited for the mouse to actually move the pointer again. THEN, we started Resource Monitor and did some looking... Whoa, 'dvdupgrd.exe', what is THAT? ...SUSPEND!!! And we seldom leave our TBYC left on anymore, anyway. We know what the problem is, our computer is low end, and 2 operating systems old. The Hard Disk interface is slow. But evidently, the operating system doesn't seem to care when we can't... do... anything...

TBYC-100 -- $95 (plus shipping)

If your computer is using a wired internet connection, the TBYC-100 will give you the ability to easily turn your internet connection on and off. We make no other warranties, express or implied, beyond this simple functionality!

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